Am I good to work with?

Some say yes, others say… yeah she is literally the best. Some might say – she is actually awful, and I will never work with her again. All of these are valid, although I choose carefully who I work with and for, sometimes those working relationships just don’t work out.

If I don’t think I am the right person for the job, I’ll give you the name of someone who fits the bill where possible. Some can make a black box of technology sound like a must-have, and others can wax lyrical about pebbles on the beach. I’ll point you in the direction of coders, graphic artists, website builders, and even outreach.

Margaret Atwood said ‘Congratulations’ and made me a card that time I was nominated for an award – for Best Writer.


Adele Morgan
Freelance Writer
Zara has been a pleasure to work with over the years. I’ve been fortunate to have her as a mentor and work with her on a number of creative projects. As a mentor, she's inspiring and patient. As a writer, Zara works incredibly well under pressure. Researching, crafting, and editing authentic copy and content to an exceptional standard every time!
Kirsty Jennings
Social Media Specialist, Freelance Writer
Zara and I have worked together in a professional capacity for over 7 years now as freelance writers. I was new to the industry, and Zara taught me most of what I know about writing, and it has greatly accelerated my career and personal blog. Zara has also written pieces for myself and clients we’ve shared, and the level of quality in each piece is phenomenal. Zara is a talented writer in many niches, with the ability to think quickly and provide links to back up her writing. Any time I need content written or someone asks me if I know any quality content writers, I immediately think of Zara!   Not only that, but Zara is also well versed (and very good at) in social media management, graphical design, proofreading, and generally being an ideas woman. With 10 years of being in the industry, many websites, clients, projects under her belt, AND raising children, I don’t think there’s anything she can’t do.  
Rachel Cooper
Content Writer at Praison Consultancy, Freelance Writer
Zara is the very definition of professional. I have worked with her in many different capacities over the last five years and have never been disappointed. She is creative, fast, accurate, and has a superb eye for detail, whether it is with writing articles for clients on a vast range of subjects or putting herself into a business mentor role and supporting others in their dreams. Would I hire Zara? Absolutely yes. Should you hire Zara? Absolutely yes.